Small Groups

Many Catholic parishes have fairly large congregations and St. John’s is among them.

While the advantages of a larger church are many, one advantage a small church has is that its’ members have a good chance of knowing one another – that is, knowing something about who they are as individuals not to mention knowing one another by name. By having Small Groups in a larger parish, it can  take on some of the best characteristics of a small parish – parishioners can readily get to know others by name and as friends in the Lord Jesus.

A Small Group leader helps to bring this particular advantage – normally found in a small church – to the larger parish church. They have undergone some training that will help them facilitate or lead a small group. They are dedicated to bringing the special “small group” experience to their larger church. People in a small group often report that after a time, the small group experience can be very gratifying – even life changing. In their encounter with the Holy Spirit through scripture study and the special presents of Christ found in other members of the group, lives are enriched and people find a significant new meaning in “going to church.”

Small Groups can have different reasons for gathering as a group. Scripture study may be one. Other groups may choose various themes of topics. Still others may gather to get to know the “why” others are motivated by their faith in Jesus. Whatever the reason, having a good group leader helps the group dialogue and dynamic go smoothly. Maybe God is calling you to be a Small Group Leader!