Funeral Mass

The death of a loved one is a difficult and sad time. At Saint John’s Church, we are here to support you through prayer and loving support.

As Catholics believe that at death life is not over, it is changed as the deceased transitions to what we hope to be his or her heavenly home with the Lord. The Mass is the most important act of worship and unites us with Christ and with each other, especially those experiencing grief and pain. The Funeral Mass is a time when we gather to pray for the deceased asking God to forgive his or her sins and to ultimately welcome our loved one into heaven.

How do I schedule a Funeral Mass?

  • Arrange a meeting with the Funeral Director of your choice. They usually contact us here at the church.
  • The funeral director will guide you throughout the planning process. You will be assisted with choosing a casket (or cremation urn), pallbearers, flowers, funeral transportation, charity for donations if desired, as well as assistance with obituaries and burial.
  • We then arrange a time to meet with you here at the church to plan the funeral Mass.
  • We will guide you through specific planning of the funeral liturgy, such as, family participation in the funeral Mass, selecting music and scripture readings.
  • All Fees for the Funeral Mass are paid to the church by the Funeral Director.

We as Catholic Christians have a tremendous consolation in knowing that Jesus Christ has conquered death for us. While the pain and loneliness of losing a loved one is real, we hope for the day when we will be reunited with them in Christ Jesus.

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