Jr. & Sr. High School

Grades 7 thru 9 students meet on Monday or Tuesday at 6:15 pm.

Resources used are Youth Ministry Access lessions and the Catholic Youth Bible as well as various other resources and service projects to engage the teens and help them to become disciples of Jesus.

Grade 10  students use the Power of One program.

They meet once a month, do on-line assignments and create their own service projects. This combination is to actively engage them to see how the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church are related to their lives today and show them ways to become true disciples of Jesus.

The Power of One is a nationally recognized faith-formation process designed by our own Cheryl Smith. She won an award for it in 2013. Implemented in several parishes so far, it is receiving positive feedback from the young folks involved. Here are some of the aims and purposes of the Power of One.

1. Meet the students where they are – which includes being on-line.

2. Involve the parents

3. Involve the parish community

4. Have the students realize what gifts & talents they have and to use them to make a  difference in their world and to become a disciple of Jesus.

5. Work with the busy schedules of the students and parents

6. Make the teachings of the Catholic faith interesting and relevant to the life  of the students

7. Help the teens have moments of conversion

PART I: Gathering together in-person: Teens meet as a group once a month for 1&1/2 to 2hrs

PART II: Out of the Classroom…Into the “NET” : Teens complete one on-line session each month working at whatever time is convenient for them.

PART III: Called to make a difference: The teens develop and implement their own service project in the community with the support of their parent, guardian or mentor.

Grades 11 & 12  We are currently developing the “Second Mile” program for this age range.