St. John the Evangelist Nursery School provides a service that is a vital and integral part of the parish community.

Our nursery school provides pre-school education for three and four year olds through music, arts, creative and physical activities as well as other organized experiences with a full-time teacher and teacher assistant in each classroom.

The atmosphere of the nursery school is comfortable, creative, and non-sexist. Children have the opportunity to increase their physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The school incorporates a Christian environment, and is affordable and open to families of all races and creeds.

Our nursery school goals:

  • To develop an awareness that God is love and is present in our lives and in our families.
  • To provide a safe and healthy atmosphere.
  • To develop and trust in new adults as well as themselves.
  • To develop a relationship with their peers and be able to communicate and respond with them.
  • To experience satisfaction in music, sound, and arts as well as creative and physical expression.
  • To promote sharing through feelings, ideas, and materials.

Administrator: Anne C. Freytag

Location: 1 Sherman Street New Hartford, NY
Phone: (315) 724-4347